Wednesday, April 14, 2010

one for all and all for one.

so, how is everyone doing today? well, basically, i am just okay. i hope you guys doing fine too. i would like to share about something today. and of course, something about friends.

how much do you care about your friends? and how well do you think you know and understand them?

for me, it is not about how much you care that counts. what counts are how much you appreciate them in your life. appreciating something or someone is the basic and simple way to show love. you don't need money or valuable things to show appreciation.

some people says that we need to buy friends expensive stuffs, beautiful clothes, branded shoes. oh, it is so lame! that is not what friendship worth for. it's love. it is all about love. you know, love will not only needed in a boy-girl relationship but it also important in a friendship relation. agree? you should if you appreciate your friends.

so, how to show love to appreciate friends, eh? well, i believe in some ways that might help you because i have tried myself before. and it works. very well.

these are the 'might work' ways:
  1. call your friends at least once or twice a week. maybe you can just call to say 'hi' or 'hey' or whatever you want to say.
  2. share your problems with them. if you think it is hard to share the hardest and biggest one, just let them get the clue that you have problems.
  3. tell them that you love them. don't say it in a romantic way! remember it is not a girl-boy relationship.
  4. if you have blog, do make an entry about them sometimes. make it short and simple.
  5. come to his/her home during weekend. maybe you can share secrets, who knows?
  6. hug each other sometimes. just to feed the love. and to those who have opposite sex best friends, please don't do this. yes yes dear. ignore number 6. ha ha.
so, these all i could figure out at this time. maybe i will share something else next time? see ya!

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